Polygon Mountain Bike

Rp30,000.00 / Day

Start your activity with Polygon Mountain Bike from visiting your favourite cafe to going shopping with your friends using the Polygon Sierra Lite 26 Bike.

  • AL6 CITY, 10X135MM
  • STEEL CRANK 36T, 165MM
  • DELI TIRES, 26”X1.375”
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Rp65,000.00 / Total
Rp10,000.00 / Day(s)

Start your activity by cycling using Polygon Monarch Bicycles. The Monarch M2 is designed to provide maximum performance in driving fast in urban, residential, forest and other outdoor activities. So Monarch M2 users can comfortably use bicycles for daily activities. Suitable for novice cyclists who want the thrill of riding a mountain bike without having to drain the bag. Is one of the latest editions of the Monarch type, this bike is made of quality material that makes it more reliable than ever.

Send your requirement to us. We will check email and contact you soon.

Phone Holder
Rp65,000.00 / Total
Rp10,000.00 / Day(s)

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3 reviews for Polygon Mountain Bike

  1. Nicola

    Excellent door to door professional service with smart new bicycle . for an exstra dollar a day than cheaper outfits, the quality and servicesis well worth it.

  2. Cristina berry

    “I received a mountain bike at 5 pm, but it was the incorrect one and it was terrible. However, 10 minutes later the driver help me exchange and finally received the correct bike, so now I’m satisfied. Thank you , success always

  3. Hito yama

    At only $3.50 a day, the Polygon mountain bike was the perfect choice for my trip! It was ideal for my ride across the city. It also handled well going up and down the rough terrain of the mountains.

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